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On July 29th, we held our summer get-together! This annual event is already part of our corporate culture and philosophy, in which we aim to provide moments of relaxation outside the work environment, strengthen team spirit, and promote the well-being of our employees.

It was a day filled with good vibes. We started the morning with engaging team building games that reinforced cooperation and creativity among everyone. In the afternoon, we had the joy of having the presence of our employees' families at a relaxed picnic, which allowed us to strengthen personal ties. And, at the end of the afternoon, we enjoyed an invigorating walk along the wonderful Aveiro estuary.

It was a fun-filled day, in which new memories were created, that will certainly strengthen the team spirit and commitment of all participants.

We are grateful to all employees who participated and contributed to the realization of this very special day.

Together, WE MAKE IT REAL.




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