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On June 27th, innovation met metal treatment at the auditorium of ESAN – Escola Superior Aveiro-Norte, which served as the stage for the LASER4AMTT project results presentation.

This project come alive from an invitation from Mário Rebelo, Macro-Moldes’ general director, to Martinho Oliveira, ESAN’s director, in order to establish a partnership of excellence aimed to develop skills for the use of laser technology in additive manufacturing operations through localized material deposition and micro localized heat treatment operations in metals.

LASER4AMTT project central goal was clear from the beginning: to create a technical innovation that could redefine the limits of laser use. With a tireless dedication, the team of experts, composed of members from both Macro-Moldes and ESAN, committed themselves to achieve this ambitious vision, by developing various industrial research activities, including:

  1. Integrated laser hardware development for additive manufacturing and heat treatment.
  2. Software development for the preparation of work strategies in deposition and surface treatment. Trajectory and parameter control adjustment.
  3. Materials research and selection. Materials characterization for additive manufacturing.
  4. Tests and methods’ development for processing and finishing parts. Optimization of work parameters and study of trajectory effects.
  5. Quality control methodologies’ development.

The event on June 27th brought together industry players, technology specialists, and innovation enthusiasts.  The potential that this technology holds was recognized and applauded by those present, making the event a success.

Through collaborative work and with a commitment to excellence, this partnership has managed to develop an innovative laser technology capable of reaching new horizons and transforming the technological landscape.

"Macro-Moldes will continue to drive the LASER4AMTT project towards the future, exploring new applications, establishing strategic partnerships, and contributing to a more innovative and efficient sector" said Mário Rebelo, while Martinho Oliveira stated, "All projects for the development of a technique have a road to go. This road has no end, it is always continuous.

The success of this project makes a life proof of the dedication, know-how, and hard work of all the teams involved.




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