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At the end of 2022, Macro Group joined Electrão (Waste Management Association), for health and environment, in the “TODOS PELO IPO” campaign.

Electrão's goal was to collect 100t of batteries and electrical material, which could be converted into a donation of up to 40k€.

It’s with great pride that we share the following communication from Electrão:

“This campaign for the recycling of batteries and used electrical equipment, promoted by Electrão in collaboration with the Francisco Gentil Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Lisbon (IPO Lisboa), gathered support of 37k€. This amount will now be used to purchase medical equipment that will help the Institute to reinforce the quality of health care delivery.”

The campaign had the collaboration of 265 companies. Macro Group contributed with the collection of 621Kg of electrical waste and electronic equipment and 79Kg of batteries waste.

We would like to thank all Macro Group Team, who once again made itself available to help!

Congratulations to Electrão for the initiative and the goal achieved!

Together, for health and environment, WE MAKE IT REAL.





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